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Individual advice is essential for a perfect result. Together we will find out how you can highlight your type. Proportions are of great importance for the feeling of beauty. I show you how to present yourself from your best side.


Because we are all different, MAKEUHAiR values versatility. One or more looks? No problem. I'll do what you want and set no limits to your imagination. 

I will gladly do your hair to match an occasion, a motto or an outfit.

Comb and scissors are part of my repertoire and always with me for your use.


I mainly work with products from Déesse Cosmetics, M∙A∙C Cosmetics and La Biosthétique Paris. This product range 

enables an individual and customized look. To give your personal expression more shine, I set the highlights according to the ideal. Whether sensual, expressive or friendly, I make you up for your perfect appearance.


Are you planning your wedding and have you always dreamed of a unique appearance? Thanks to a styling sample of hair and make-up, you will also sleep relaxed.
On your big day, I will let you bloom with the styling tailored to you. For a perfect scene during the ring handover, I offer you a manicure that completes the appearance. Sit back and relax and let me spoil you. The loved ones from the wedding party can also be catered for on request.

More information in Wedding Styling site.


"Grooming" is the key word for the style-conscious man. With comb and scissors as well as with the knife and the machine I shape your hair, beard and moustache according to your type. 

Gel, wax, powder, pomade, cream and hairspray allow a varied styling. Just tell me which style you want: flexible, casual, dynamic or rather strongly fixed?


With tips and tricks I will show you how to expand your skills and know-how in hair styling and the use of make-up. Let me know what you are interested in.


There are different types of styling, and these require different amounts of time and effort.

To be able to provide you with a quote, I ideally need the following information:

- Occasion of the styling
- Place and date 
- Number of people who wish to receive treatment for styling (hair and/or make-up)

The price is made up as follows:
- Time spent
- Way 
- Materials
- Expenses (travel, food, accommodation)

Would you like to have an all-inclusive price for the entire event for your budget planning?

I would be happy to calculate this for you by arrangement.


Whether at your home, on the set or at your wedding location - I come where you need me. For everything that has to do with styling, form and colour, I will take care of you.

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