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My passion: hair and make-up for ..

..Styling for show, photo and film recordings, as well as bridal and wedding styling.

To create a certain unity with hair and make-up is my job and my passion. (I have been working as Manuela Keller as a full-time hairdresser and make-up artist for more than 11 years).


I use my craft as a hairdresser every day in the salon and realize complete styles including make-up for different orders.

I implement versatility on sets of photo recordings and video shoots.



I live every day in search of my goal in life - to offer unconditional quality, performance and service for every customer.

As a hairdresser - to make hair beautiful or as a make-up artist to apply make-up to someone are services that I expect more today. This service simply cannot be replaced without advice and empathy.


With MAKEUHAiR I am close to the customer. On site, I can better perceive the personalities to authentically implement the styling.

Tell me where I can style you and sit back and relax.

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